Guarding my Time…

So last Monday I challenged myself with the task of “guarding my time” for the remainder of the week. What I meant by “guarding my time” was to try my best to stick to a schedule and avoid any time hijacking events and people. Well it’s safe to say that I totally failed at this, but through the experience I came away with important insights that I believe will help me be more effective at time management.


This isn’t the first time I have tried to stick to a schedule. I have tried many, many other times. Every time I ended up abandoning scheduling my day for two reasons:

  • It took a lot of time to plan everyday
  • My plans always seemed to fall apart due to unforeseen circumstances or just distractions


The second reason is the issue that made me feel for sometime that scheduling just couldn’t work for me. It is very disheartening to find that you couldn’t stick to your painstakingly put together plan due to random happenings in the day that you just couldn’t have planned for. Also more often than not it was due to my own discipline that I would shirk my plan. This made it harder to face myself at the end of the day knowing I failed to accomplish things because I let myself get distracted.


This time around I wanted to give it another earnest shot with a different mental approach. You see, from studying my favorite idols of success, it was clear to me that they were able to get through superhuman amounts of work due to their disciplined routines. If I was ever going to be able to transcend my limitations I was going to have to figure out first how to take back control of my time.

I started by using the google calendar to app to make a tentative time table of the events and work I expected through the day. I intentionally did not try to make it too rigid or detailed so that it could be easily modified on the fly to accommodate new circumstances. I found this to be very useful as the circumstances came, oh did they come…


Although I found it still difficult to stick to even my tentatively designed schedule I still found that I was a lot more productive and got through more tasks when I had written them down and allotted them time for completion. I hope to build on that further this week.

Furthermore I have been tracking my weaknesses when it comes to sticking to my plans. I have noticed that one of the biggest issues I have is that I tend to start things too late and once I get started I want to keep on doing that task long past the time I had allotted for it – talk about task inertia… I will be working on a way to either prevent myself from doing this or accommodating it into my planning so I can be me, without being inefficient.  

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