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My name is Kevin Moturi and I am a creator. An architect. A doer. I like to think this is both in the professional and metaphysical sense. For I am someone able to create their own path. At the time of the writing of this post I am 23 years old living in Minneapolis, Minnesota working at an exciting start up called Vidku. After graduating college the previous year I have disowned my Biochemistry degree, devastated my parent’s plans for my future, and am living with my parents (every college kids nightmare). However, in the same time I have managed to start my own company, learn three computer programming languages, get a job within three months of graduation paying more than my parents salaries, developed 5 android applications currently in the play store, joined an awesome Midwest startup, and am currently helping support my parents and siblings. In approximately three weeks from now will be the year anniversary of when I started on this journey of self-determination, finally being true to myself and pursuing what I enjoy doing with reckless abandon.

I consider myself lucky for many opportunities that have come my way but this journey has also taught me that luck is definitely something that is begot from the seeds of preparation. All my life, I have unknowingly been preparing for this journey. You see I have the uncanny ability of tenacity mixed with intrigue and healthy obsessiveness. Over my short lifetime I have amassed many various unrelated skills due to this ability that most people would find to laborious or mundane to pursue alone. For example, I am conversational in three languages other than English, one including Japanese which I taught myself. I am also pretty decent at nunchaku, playing guitar among other instruments, breakdancing, repairing electronics, and various other things that have peeked my interest over the years. When I find something that interests me, I learn it. And I feel I have become darn good at doing that. I wouldn’t say I am a genius by any stretch however, when it comes to methodically applying myself to a goal. I would say that there are few as determined (with all modesty of course) .

I realized my ability for constructive obsessiveness relatively early in my life and therefore I always believed in my core that I could do anything I applied myself to. I always believed this would take me far in life. However when it came to college, my parents put it into me that the universe was not so kind and our valid options were truly limited. They made me believe that if I was to truly be able to survive in this harsh reality, I needed a specific degree. A science degree.

Fast forward to last year, I was having what I call a quarter-life crisis. I was to graduate with a biochemistry degree and pursue a spot in pharmacy school but no matter how much I had tried to lie to myself over the three years of college that this was the right thing to do, I just could not stomach a future of more school and a career of pill counting. I was having a major identity crisis, because I always believed there was something special about me that I was meant to do great things. That my skills would make a greater mark on the world than to simply prescribe medicine to the elderly (nothing against the trade though).

Now being the oldest in my family and having immigrant parents who weren’t always exactly equipped to help me in the American context, I turned to my usual pillar of strength in times of need. The internet. I wanted to be like the people I most admired in the world, the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc. So I started studying them and people like them and trying to find out what made them so special, how were they able to accomplish the things that they did. Didn’t their parents tell them of the limited options we had? Although I did find that there was just something innate about them that no one else had, I also realized something all of these impressive people shared that was even greater; the unrelenting will to succeed even after countless failure. This narrative was something I found in all of the people I studied. I was so inspired, this was something I knew I had and could identify with. I remembered all those countless hours I had put into learning things that interested me when I was younger. I knew I had it in me, I just needed the courage to put it to action.

One night after finishing the book Rich dad, Poor dad I decided that I was going to determine my own story for better or worse and to bet on myself and the person I was to become. I posted 5 tenants to my wall that I have striven to live by ever since and never looked back.

1. Nothing can resist a will that stakes its very existence for  its fulfillment

2. Mediocrity is NON-EXISTENCE

3. If you want something bad enough you make the time

4. Your mind is the greatest tool you have treat it like it

5. Never be complacent, never settle

I decided that I was going to build a tech company that brought value to the world through mobile technology. Why tech? Why mobile? Perhaps I will cover that in a subsequent blog post, but for now I will just share what drives me. After identifying my goal and keeping these 5 beliefs in my heart I have gone places I never thought I’d go, met amazing people who share my passion, and have accomplished what many spend years doing. This I believe is because by finding my passion I have ignited within myself the same fire that powered the greats, that unrelenting will to submit in the face of adversity.

So… wow, that escalated quickly but welcome to my personal blog. I will share here to the world insight into my journey to use mobile technology to change the world (lofty goals never hurt anyone). I hope that this will somehow inspire even just one other person to take control of their lives and be who they believe they can be at their peak potential.



4 thoughts on “Kevin The Creator

  1. So proud of you kev. I knew your were very smart and special. I am so happy to have known you. Am sure you will inspire so many young people.

  2. I’m speechless Kevin. That was amazing and the motivation you have is unbelievable. Keep up the good work and great work ethic! I think yoy should write a book about your story.

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